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Solidarity with the fight for democracy in Israel

We, the undersigned citizens of the world, from movements representing tens of millions around the globe and in Israel, condemn the aggressive, anti-democratic legislation proposed by the Israeli government. We stand in solidarity with the citizens of Israel who have been fighting for democracy and taking to the streets in hundreds of thousands for the past 12 weeks.


The legislation promoted by the Israeli government, now in its final and crucial stage, will de facto abolish the independence of the judicial system and provide unlimited power to the executive branch. Destroying the checks and balances of Israeli democracy will endanger the rights of so many – first, the political and individual rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel, including disenfranchisement, but also the rights of women, LGBTQI+ people, secular communities, civil society, asylum seekers and immigrant workers. 

Destroying the checks and balances of Israeli democracy will endanger the rights of so many.

Moreover, the anti-democratic legislation will perpetuate the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and enable formal annexation of the occupied territories. This goes against international law and denies the rights and freedom of millions of Palestinians.


Some of us live in countries where governments took similar steps to form an ‘illiberal democracy’. We are deeply worried to witness that the same playbook is being used by prime minister Netanyahu and his far-right government.


Israel and democracies around the world enjoy an enduring and unique friendship. It is built on shared values such as democracy, liberty and the protection of human rights. The occupation of the Palestinian territories against international law has already severely weakened this relationship. Now, the Israeli government is completely turning its back on these values and is undermining the precious relationship that citizens of democracies value so much.

Solidarity in Protests for Democrazy in Israel 2023-03

We call on the world’s leaders to take urgent action to defend democracy in Israel — for the sake of all people living in the region.


DeClic, Romania | Kreni-Promeni, Serbia | Skiftet, Sweden | ~ le mouvement, France | Akcja Demokracja, Poland | 38 Degrees, Great Britain | #aufstehn, Austria | Campax, Switzerland | Campact, Germany | Zazim – Community Action, Israel | Uplift, Ireland | Leadnow, Canada | MoveOn, USA | ActionStation, New Zealand | aHang, Hungary


By Zazim Community Action