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Climate Wednesday on the Paradeplatz We'll be back until you move!

From now until the AGM in spring 2023, Campax will be on Paradeplatz every Wednesday at noon to remind Credit Suisse of its responsibility!

Credit Suisse, get out of fossil fuels!

📍Meeting place: Basteiplatz

🕗Every Wednesday at 11:30 (next Wednesday 7.12. Father Christmas will come from 12:00 Paradeplatz!)

If you have any questions, you can send an email to [email protected]

PS: on 28.12.22 and 04.01.23 there will be a Christmas-New Year break.

Come YOU too! Together we can realise what might be the longest protest on Paradeplatz.


Credit Suisse: Top globally in financing climate degradation

On its website, Credit Suisse writes: “As a global financial institution, Credit Suisse recognises its share of responsibility in combating climate change and is aware that financial flows must also be aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement.” The big bank is a founding member of the Net Zero Banking Alliance and has committed to net zero by 2050.


In sharp contrast to this is the bitter reality: according to data from the Dutch organisation BankTrack, Credit Suisse financed the fossil fuel industry to the tune of US$ 91.74 billion in the period 2016-2021. This puts it in 19th place worldwide, although it is “only” the 45th largest bank. It continues to finance projects that expand fossil energy production, as well as companies that drive these projects forward.


Are you a Credit Suisse client? Bad news: Your money is also being used to finance climate destruction. But together we are strong! Sign the Climate Pledge to Credit Suisse now and threaten to switch banks if they don’t become more climate-friendly soon.